• Excellent Alterations and Highly Recommended!! I had 3 suits altered by Liue at Master Tailors. She is exceptional at her craft. One suit was at least 1 size too big. Liue made the suit fit perfectly. It is a nice Issey Miyake suit and i did not want to give it to the thrift shop. She took in the shoulders, took in the arms and shortened the jacket and took in the pants and slimmed the legs. Miracle worker on this suit. The other suit was also an Issey Miyake and she also did a fine job. The alterations were not extensive as the first, but were substantial. She did the alterations in a timely manner. From the beginning, you know you are in expert hands by the way she measured and pinned the garment. I cannot say enough about her skilled work. She is great!

Mich H.

  • My absolute favorite place to get clothing tailored.
    I’ve never been let down with the quality of work done by Lieu Doan! She’s so pleasant to be around and makes her customers feel comfortable. 5 stars for this lovely lady and her great work!

Melinda C.

  • Lieu is quick, inexpensive and amazing. I won’t go anywhere else!

Jimmy Y.

  • I was completely amazed at the level of quality and service I received from Master Tailors. The owner was extremely friendly and took the time to understand what I needed done. The turnaround was very quick, and the prices were fair. I now use Master Tailors Ltd for all my tailoring needs. Thanks!

Marty M.

  • Did my tailoring perfectly and timely. Highly recommend.

Mac M.

  • Ms. Lieu is a MASTER of her craft.
    I brought her my own designs and she helped create one of the most amazing shirts; I was overblown by the quality of the finishing. She is a “Master Tailor”!
    Her hand weaves gold and when I initially scoured Vancouver for a tailor – she fit the bill and came correct with the goods beyond my expectations.
    Amazing, Amazing, Amazing.

Sam B.

  • Lieu is super amazing! She helped me alter a prom dress from 5 years ago and made it fit like it was completely new! She is great with alterations even if it’s on a tight deadline! She is also super friendly, and I always go to her for any type of alterations! Thanks, so much Lieu!

Christina C.

  • I was recently in Vancouver on a business trip and needed my pants lengthened … a tricky alteration, especially considering the fabric and asymmetrical cutting. The tailor was friendly, the service was fast and affordable, and the result was fantastic. Highly recommended!

Greg R.

  • I have taken all my alteration work to Master Tailors for years now. The owner who does all the work herself is very good at her craft, very friendly, and reasonably priced. She’s a pleasure to deal with and can get things done quickly if you need them. I highly recommend her.

Howard D.

  • My first visit was on a rainy day; it was past five and I had to be rung in. I had the waists of pants and cut-offs taken in the same night (I was reluctant to request this, but she nearly insisted without being forceful, if that makes sense at all).The second visit, I was warmly welcomed with familiarity and was a little dubious explaining what I wanted (a vintage Ralph Lauren blazer at least four sizes too big, which would require work in the shoulders, easily one of the pricier tailoring jobs that are often avoided from what I’d heard, but I was determined and she was undeterred, taking in my measurements). I also had the sleeves hemmed and taken in and there were also darts added for a better fit (she is careful to assess whether things look right before you leave and makes corrections). All this cost $110, which is about half what I thought it’d come up to for the shoulders alone. I’ve also gotten small jobs like zipper replacements and the excess fabric in the knees taken in on a pair of Fidelity jeans which were thoughtfully ironed without me asking. Half the time I’m there, somebody else comes in or is already in there. Down payments, cash, debit/credit are all accepted. Should you need a bag for your stuff, Lieu will supply you with a very attractive red and gold bag. Fantastic tailor.

Jessica P.

  • Came to this shop straight off a plane for a close friend’s wedding. Had an ill-fitting dress that had been poorly tailored already and was in rough shape. Was a little stressed given the wedding was the following day and I had limited time and hadn’t been to this tailor before. They were willing to work on the dress and have ready for the next day. When I picked up the dress only 3 short hours before the wedding I was nervous, but upon trying on, I was thrilled. They transformed my dress and did exactly what I wanted and, what was needed. Very intuitive and a great eye for fit. Saved my dress, saved the day, saved my sanity, thank you thank you thank you! Will be forever grateful I was able to wear a beautiful dress to a very special wedding. 1-day turnaround, excellent result, and 1/3 of the cost of my original tailor. Wow. You guys are the best.  Lost 1 star for being a little hard to find and the front door and elevator not operating on Saturday, still, I’m very happy and would recommend


  • They get my vote for sure! Jeans, yes jeans.  My five Friday wear.  Dark wash slim jeans with a fitted blazer, waistcoat and all the trimmings. Lately, I noticed that my jeans weren’t fitting as well around my a$$ and waist – a bit of a bubble butt in terms of fabric. So, I get them altered at the waist and upper butt.  Yeah, I got jeans altered and taken in, not hemmed. The result was quite good., in fact, I’d say excellent.  No saggier a$$ butt for me. $20-$25 tax in. They take credit card too.

Hermen E.

  • My absolute favorite place to get clothing tailored.
    I’ve never been let down with the quality of work done by Lieu Doan! She’s so pleasant to be around and makes her customers feel comfortable. 5 stars for this lovely lady and her great work!

Melinda C.

  • An actual master tailor with a cute personal shop in a convenient location at a great price. I’m an actor and I have trouble buying clothes that fit off the rack, but it’s no worries as I take them to Lieu and she does an amazing job. Honestly, this woman truly is a “master tailor”! She can make anything you buy look ace as well as tailoring a slick suit. I had a few shirts made by her and they are the business.


  • I brought 2 ill-fitting suits to Lieu and she did miracles to make them fit. She turned something the was baggy and sloppy into sleek and tailored, as they were not ready at the time she quickly finished them up the very same day. I will keep bring my business wear to her to keep me looking great. I will be back.


  • Lieu Doan at Master Tailors is my lifesaver. She came highly recommended (from Dan J), and after using her services, I have never gone to another tailor since. I am petite (though not as petite as Lieu!), so I have gotten tons of pants hemmed, dresses shortened, shirts taken in, and even an accurate Uhura (Star Trek) costume for Hallowe’en made, all from a crude drawing, no less!  I trust her with my silk Betsey Johnson dresses, and coats from Aritzia & Holt Renfrew, so believe me, she will take care of your clothes! Her little shop is on the 6th floor, and what’s always a treat is the ride in the building’s vintage mirrored elevator. So lovely! Once inside, there’s a waiting area with a couch, a small changing corner, and in the back, her sewing machines and tables. She also sells her own handmade dresses and suits, which hang on the walls in the front. Lieu is always busy, but she’s always friendly, eager to chat, and I’ve seen her stay late at work many times. You can see she works very hard, and the quality of work she does is impressive. I am a pretty bad planner & often seem to bring her last-minute clothes to alter for me, but she gets ’em done if I really need, and I am forever grateful. FOREVER grateful, Lieu!


  • What an amazing experience! I’ve never had anything tailored before. I took a beaded dress to a tailor and they turned me away saying they didn’t do hand beading. Going into Master Tailors I expected a hassle as well as forking out a crazy amount of money. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and “seamless” it was. She was very quick, personable, and made the whole process comfortable for me. I will be taking all my tailoring needs to her and her only. Great person, great experience, and such a relief. HIGHLY recommend.


  • Master tailor saved my wedding dress. I was so lucky I found her. My dress didn’t fit in sleeves and I had only 2 days to my wedding. After changes dress look just amazing, like new. She did very good and professional work in only 24 hours. I highly recommend her.


  • I’ve been using this service now for several years and I always receive first class and courteous service. Lieu Doan is a pleasure to deal with and her work is second to none. Would recommend her business to anyone who has a need for this type of service.


  • I was looking for a new tailor around my work area, so I read a lot of good reviews about Master Tailors on Yelp. I decided to give my first try and was amazed at the work she did. She made my regular fit dress pant into a more modern slim fit. The job was perfection at a reasonable price. She also did a great job in sewing in a ruff for my parka. I just gave her a sweater for her to take in to make it slimmer. I didn’t know a sweater could be altered but she said it could be done. I would highly recommend Lieu Doan and her rates are reasonable compared to other places I have been too around downtown area. She also has another shop called Lieu’s Mater Tailors in Maple Ridge.

Wallace T.

  • I went in to see Lieu today regarding a jacket that was three sizes too big, I ordered it online and when it arrived I was so bummed that it was huge! I absolutely love this jacket, so I was determined to get it taken in. I found Master Tailor online and decided to give it a shot because of the great feedback. I was so happy and relieved that Lieu was not only able to do the job, but she gave me a fantastic rate as well. She was so pleasant and efficient in taking my measurements and her sweet children were minding their manners in the next room. I felt right at home there and was treated with such wonderful customer service! I have found my new tailor, I’m short so I always go to hem all my pants ‍
    I highly recommend Lieu and she is clearly incredibly talented with many years’ experience! Thank you, Lieu,

Molly R.

  • I read about this place online, it seemed to be highly recommended on all review sites. The location is easy to find, and Lieu is very warm and welcoming. She understood my needs easily and was able to give me a quote on the spot. She made some suggestions which I took. When I got back my hoodie it went from a straight fit to a slim fit. It was done very well! The hoodie had several patterns on it and she worked around it without needing to adjust the overall piece. She was able to alter the cape that hangs on my hoodie too. She was very attentive to my fitting and body measurements. I will be returning very soon for some other sentimental but ill-fitted clothes. Compared to Stitch-It I’d say this is the go-to place if you are wanting to do detailed work. The price is very comparable, cheaper than Stitch-It with better quality.


  • Came here on a Monday at 5 pm needing a suit altered and repaired by the end of day Tuesday – and got it. He did a fantastic job. I’ll come here again. Really impressed. A sweet, quiet fellow – and a solid tailor.

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